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No Credit Check Financing for your Customers

There are millions of people who need products and services but because of high interest credit or leasing systems they’ve avoided many purchases. In today’s economy a more reliable method of determining financial responsibility is needed. We have that. It gives people deserved purchasing ability.

What if you could offer your customers a payment plan that was less costly than a lease or loan?

With our program you will reap the benefits of better pricing. You get up to $3,500 upfront on purchases. The customer can spend much more than just $3,500.

Get paid upfront financing.

No Credit Check Loan Customer Credit

“I earn enough to make the payments but my credit card interest is too high and I don’t want to lease.” “It’s perfect! But, I’m a little short right now and I don’t want to get a personal loan since the interest rate is sky high.…”

We have the solution for client credit!

We give you the ability to offer your customers a 12 month payment plan starting at $35.00 per month. This isn’t rent to own, lease, or high interest no-credit check program. Your guarantee rate is usually lower than their credit card interest making it possible to add it in and still be a better option than traditional credit. Everyone winsl

With one simple question you can secure the sale, get a larger percentage, and make your customer happy. “Can you afford to pay for it over 12 months for a FIXED RATE?”

“I can’t afford it…”

changes to

“I can afford it…”

Loan Approved Client Credit 3, 6, 9 & 12 Month Terms • Customers prequalify themselves. • Minimal paperwork for your business. • Final approval within minutes. • Marketing materials included.

NO LIMIT ON SALE AMOUNT for Qualified Sales.

• You will no longer have to turn away denials or turn downs from traditional financing companies. • You will be able to offer customers financing with No Credit Check. • You will be able to offer upsells much easier. • You will be able to service clients who cannot afford the upfront costs. • Instant approval • Receive pre-qualified new client referrals to your business • A Rated and accredited program by the Better Business Bureau. • A ten year running program with a proven track record. • Automated recurring payments that are deposited directly in your bank account. • Robust reporting features • Used by thousands of businesses nationally. Question: Where will You spend the additional 100k, 200k or 300k in new revenue? Will You… Purchase New Equipment, Staff Raises, Pay off Loans Hire an Associate to Expand your Business, Save for Retirement, Office Expansion

The only non-credit based system designed for the average income earner that broadens your sales exposure and satisfies consumer confidence.

Benefits to your business: • High approval rates • Your customers can take up to 12 months to pay • Distinguish yourself from your competition • Sell more higher ticket purchases today • Easy to process simple application form • Complete training and setup • Perfect for sales from $500 to $3,500 and beyond • Fast response time – 24/7 Internet authorization • Complete marketing materials included • Three levels of customer approval Benefits to your Customer • Fast qualification process. • Manageable payment plans. • Limits based on income with flexible payment schedule. • Less costly than leasing and in most cases their credit card.

You can have your business set up and accepting more payment options in as little as 5 business days.

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