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For local businesses who want more clients…

Pocket Sized Device Gives You “Big Brand” Exposure To Anyone Around You… At All Times!

Best Part: You don’t have to deal with any techy nonsense – just turn it on and grab instant attention, gaining Disney-level brand awareness.

Dear Friend,

If you want the ‘brand awareness’ of Target or Coca Cola for your own business (at a SMALL fraction of the cost), you’re going to love what I have to say.

Let me explain:

There’s new technology around which allows you to attract potential prospects, customers and clients who are within feet of your exact location.

This means, anyone staring at their mobile device inside this radius is immediately exposed to you and your business.

Without burning thousands of dollars on advertising. Or hiring a lazy salesman who’s late every two days. Or wasting even a second on complicated techy stuff.

What is the Brand-Building Device?

The device is called a Beacon and it’s no larger than a bar of hotel soap.

The Beacon is a transmitter that’s custom tailored to your specific business. Which transfers messages to anyone around you.

Imagine if you could have a 30 second commercial, a business card, a coupon, or any kind of custom message shown to anyone who’s really close to your place of business.

It’s like have your very own mini-salesman in the palm of your hand – with only ONE purpose:

To showcase your brand/company virtually pulling HOT ready-to-buy clients right in to your place of business.

Instantly leveraging the trust of big brands, but without having to pay the high prices Madison Avenue agencies are charging them to advertise.

The Beacon can be triggered using the proximity to your location so you can engage with your potential customers however you choose.

Okay, with that said… I know these are huge bold claims.

But I want you to read closely because I will do everything in my power to help transform the very fabric of your business – without you having to change anything you’re doing currently.

My name is David and I’d like to show you…

How It Works To Give You Big Brand Level Exposure

Beacons use bluetooth and location technology to transmit messages to anyone in a given range.

This means you have a device the size of hotel soap, broadcasting exactly what you want potential customers to know about your business – targeting anyone in range of your beacon.

So you can…

Appear in your prospects’ mobile devices WHILE they’re the closest to you

Not only has it been proven that people look at their locked screens about 80 times a day…

…but also, IBM conducted a trial which indicated that 72% of customers will act on a marketing message if they are actually in sight of the retailer…

…and best of all, 80% of smartphone owners WANT mobile-optimized product information while they’re in-store.

This means there’s a giant opportunity you can take advantage of by being one of the first in your community to use this tiny device to:

Build brand equity and hyper-local exposure. (Making deposits into your “bank of goodwill and trust”)

• Create consumer engagement. So you can build more rapport with you audience.

Drive instant foot traffic. Which turns into a higher potential conversion rate. (More eyeballs = more chances to get paid)

• Promote new products and offers. (Meaning you get to make more money per customer and boost your bottom line)

Encourage repeat visits. Increasing your lifetime value per client.

• Improve conversion rates. Giving you a higher rate of closing the sale.

Generate customer loyalty. Which creates a sense of trust building every day they’re around.

• Surprise customers with specials and deals. Giving exclusive access to those special customers who deserve more.

• Be top of mind. Further giving you an edge over any other competitor in your area. (With your business constantly in their heads)

• Track your results. (Giving you power to scale what works, and get rid of the bad offers)

Also, as a hidden benefit, you can…

Effortlessly Leverage The Tech Used by Apple, Dell, Macy’s, Ikea, Coca Cola, Target, Disney and Your Favorite Sports Teams

The NBA did a pilot project with Beacons in a few of their arenas to encourage engagement with their fans to bring a better user experience to them.

It delivered with an overall increase in tickets sales and that implementation will continue throughout other franchises.

93 percent of ALL MLB stadiums have used Beacons to engage fans on a deeper level.

All of Macy’s stores last Christmas added Beacons throughout their establishments to increase their holiday revenue to advance the shopper?s journey.

In fact, in 2016, in-store sales generated by beacon technology surpassed $44.4 billion in the U.S. only.

Google itself ran a study in which 10 of the largest big box retailers (Target; Bed, Bath & Beyond, etc) where the number of in-store visits increased by using beacon technology, far exceeding online purchase conversions.

This gives anyone with an imagination the ability to replicate what these big conglomerates are doing.

Yes, that’s all nice for big brands with hundreds of millions in their budget, but we’re little guys. So…

How Beacons Work For The Little Guy

First, let me ask you, with this Beacon in your hands, could you think of 2 or 3 ways to use it for engagement with your business?

To get your mind moving a bit, ask yourself – “what would I want my customers to know about my business right now that they don’t know?”

Can’t imagine how?


Think of a normal day for you and the business. Walking into your office with your coffee. Getting ready for a long day of dealing with your favorite (and least favorite) customers – but grateful to be the boss.

You take this little device out and switch it on. Then immediately see a pop up on your phone with the deal you chose:

“Today only: Get 20% off your meal by using this code when the check arrives.”

You store this small device on the desk or hang it near a doorway and in seconds forget about even having it.

42 and a half minutes later, while making sure your staff isn’t late and doing their job – a confused, yet excited new patron walks through the door holding his phone up.

He says “Hey, I just saw this pop up on my phone, what’s it all about?!”

Your small-risk investment, just made its first payoff!

If you can get just a couple more in every day, your return-on-investment would certainly have over-delivered.

And what if more come in? You’d have to switch off the device and stop broadcasting your offer.  Making sure you can handle what’s possible down the road.

This is just one example.

You have the power to change a couple words and see how it runs. 19 seconds and a little thought is all this takes.

In a minute, I’ll tell you how you literally won’t ever have to deal with any tech jargon, but first let me explain how you have…

An Advantage Over ANY Competition Around You

more customers beacon

Now you know what’s possible with the Beacon.

Where your offer can sit directly in front of your audience… EXACTLY where people are – staring, glued to their phones all day.

And no business owner around will understand your secret weapon or how it works (unless you tell them…)

Other People Look To Steal Your Customers Every Day!

Right now – everyone around you, in business, is specifically out to take your customers from you.

And if they don’t choose you, their money will be taken by someone less moral, less responsible, or less ethical than you.

Don’t you think, because your services can truly help those consumers – it is your moral obligation to do everything in your power to get in front of them?

Imagine for a second your best friend had a horrible disease, and you had the pill that would wipe away all signs, symptoms and pains for this ailment. Totally curing him. Wouldn’t you do everything to get your friend well?

If said friend didn’t believe you, you might even strap him down and force it down his throat! (A bit dramatic, but you get the point.)

And you might think this is invasive, but let me assure you, it’s not. Popping into a family dinner
to sell life insurance is invasive.

You know what? There are tons of different industries and early adopters to Beacon technology get the edge.

Including: Salons, Real Estate Agents, Barber Shops, Hotels, Car Rentals, Auto Dealerships, Health Insurance Agents, Restaurants, Network Marketers, Plumbers, Contractors, Roofers, Electricians, Lawyers, Bail Bondsmen, etc…local proximity advertising

You Can Be A Walking ($9,000) Billboard For Pennies On The Dollar

Heck, if you’re on the go – you can be your own walking billboard. You can have one at the office and one in your pocket, your choice.

Imagine taking lunch a half mile down the road, yet you remembered to take your little beacon device.

On that line, someone asks out loud “who is ‘Tom’s Carpentry’? And why is this deal so darn good?!”

Okay, maybe he won’t go that far, but you get the point. You will have access to most human beings with a mobile device around you.

As if you were walking down the street with a megaphone shouting your ‘2 for 1’ deal. But without being so obnoxious.

A small Beacon device, the size of a keyfob – Yet having the impact of a large $9,000 billboard.

How Much Is The Darn Thing?!

You might think the Beacon is expensive, given how valuable having a Madison Avenue agency shouting your praises on TV can be. Or even large billboards on the highway.

But I don’t want to pull your leg. This device and technology took years and many man-hours to produce. Yet the early adopters are learning to utilize the Beacon to the highest potential.

So we could easily charge at least $1,000 for a single device. That would still be much less than a lazy salesman who’s late every other day – and complains about “bad leads” every week.

But no, we are small, sometimes one-man operations. So for now, the investment a fraction of a fraction for you – which is a ONE-TIME ridiculously low fee of $97 per beacon.

Order Now

Now that seems VERY low, but there’s a reason for this.

As a fellow entrepreneur myself, I know what it’s like to struggle getting clients, not knowing when I’ll get more business next.

So I made it my mission to equip as many local business owners as I can with powerful tools the big brands are taking advantage of… but for an affordable minuscule investment (with potentially HIGH returns).

Now, I’m going to be extremely blunt, but setting up a beacon can be a huge hassle.

Trust me, it took me months to figure this technology out for the layman.

The instructions are confusing and infused with so much tech jargon, it looked like a whole ‘nother language.

Not only that but programming it to show my offers was incredibly time-consuming…

How To Get A Beacon Expert To Setup Your Device Fully Automated and Tailored To Your Business ABSOLUTELY FREE

You can setup the Beacon yourself, but there’s a better way. An easier way, where you never have to do anything but tell one of our Beacon experts to “Just Do It For Me”.

As a bonus for trying the Beacon, you will get your very own tech wizard – who loves to help and do all the technical work for you.

It’s an introductory offer to you for simply trying the Beacon. (Easily worth $150 an hour)

You only tell me and my team (yes, we’re tech whizzes) what kind of offer, deal, coupon, or message you want displayed, and we’ll set up the Beacon and ship it over to you in less than a week, customized to your needs.

No nonsense… no complicated tech to overwhelm you… no wasted time.

You’re getting a FULLY customized, ready-to-go Beacon with all the bells and whistles. Literally plug-and-play, turn it on and start getting instant exposure around your business.

You won’t spend any time figuring out how the beacon works or how to set it up. You leave the strenuous work to me.

A True Marketer-In-A-Box

In about a week, you’ll be able to showcase your business to the hottest prospects you can ever get – the people who are closest to your business.

Generating foot traffic, trackable results, customer loyalty, and immediate exposure to mobile devices around you.

So let me clarify here exactly what you’re getting when you invest today:

The Beacon: Fully customized mini-salesman at your fingertips. Just tell me to set it up and start getting attention to your biz.

A Secure Customized Webpage: With your offer plugged in. (This fully-personalized https page is required in order for your prospect to claim your offer… don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered for you!) or you can use your own page or social media!

Within minutes after setting up the Beacon, you’ll be reaping the rewards of hyper-local exposure.

If not, we got your back either way…

My Iron-Clad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Get The Beacon today and experience first-hand what it’s like to get Coca Cola levels of exposure for peanuts.

I’m talking about attracting the people walking immediately by you (aka your hottest prospects).

In the unlikely scenario you don’t get your business exposed – and your offer showcased – to people within feet from you… or even if you don’t like the shape of the beacon, send me a quick email and I’ll refund you every cent, no questions asked.

Just ship back the device back to me and we’ll part as friends.

Here’s how to get the Beacon and get an instant advantage over your competition

Now here is what to do next. Click the ‘Buy Button’ and when your investment registers in our system you’ll receive an email from me (Dave) and my team.  In that email will be information that we need to completely setup your Beacon with your advertisement and ship it to you.  Fully optimized and setup.

Soon after, the little gnomes and I will work to digitize your offer, create the page and ship your Beacon device to you in 7 business days.

Once you open your package, you’ll see your tiny mini-salesman device ready to be put to work for you. All you have to do is turn it on.  The batteries generally last six months to up to two years and they are super cheap to buy.

Poof, you’re all set to expose your business to any and everyone in the radius of the beacon.

Now that you know enough about the Beacon technology, you have two options.

1. Keep spending your hard-earned dollars on other expensive and wasteful advertising avenues that you can’t really track.

2. Or take this offer of the ‘mobile billboard’, increase your exposure and build massive trust in your area. Without changing your everyday life, serving your neighborhood and adding massive value.

The ball is in your court.

Buy Now

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

To your Success,


P.S. You probably get bombarded daily with emails about SEO, Facebook ads and a whole bunch of jargon dealing with the internet. This Beacon is nothing like those. You don’t have to learn an entire MBA worth of information or trust some random bunch of 9th graders to manage an ad campaign.

This is a complete done for you solution to increasing your exposure without touching anything in just 7 days.

Buy Now

P.P.S. You have the crazy guarantee – use it, abuse it, just don’t lose it and enjoy the exposure the Beacon gets you for 30 days. If you are – for any reason – dissatisfied, contact me and I’ll refund your money ASAP.

You really have nothing to lose. All the risk is on my shoulders.

And yes if you see this message, your competitors may have seen this message as well.

Whether you want to get an edge over them or let your competition get the jump on you, you have the power to decide first.

Act now and click the button to secure your spot.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will this work on every phone?


In the first quarter of 2017 99.7% of all new cell phones shipped from the manufacturers were either Android or IOS (Apple) phones.  Android phones made up 85% of new cell phones shipped.

Our beacons work on Android phones from Android 4+.  This means if the phone was built in the last 6 years it is highly likely that the phone will work with our beacons.

The device also needs bluetooth and location turned on.

Where should I install my beacon?

Because beacons are small devices they can be installed just about anywhere.  One thing to keep in mind is that if someone can grab it, they can mess with it or take it.  For this reason we recommend putting it above a door frame or near signage.  This gives a clear line of site for maximum distance with no obstacles.

Will your beacons work on an iPhone?

Not at the moment.  We are working on a solution to get maximum phone compatibility.  Right now the beacons work on Android devices (phones, tablets, etc..).

Can you re-program my beacon whenever I have a new special offer?

Yes but for an extra fee.  This offer is for one time beacon programming to your offer.

How long do the batteries last?

Generally the batteries last from 6 months to 2 years depending on settings.  Spare batteries can be purchased for very cheap online (less than $1 per battery in most cases).

Do you offer a reseller program or white label beacon program?

Yes.  Contact us for bulk discounts and more information on white label beacons.

How far can your beacons transmit?

Our beacons can go up to 300 feet in all directions.  Objects like trees, furniture, signs, walls, etc… can interfere with the maximum distance.

Can I use my own website or social media for my beacon offers?

Yes.  As long as you have a secured SSL site we can setup your beacon to go to any page or to a social media page of yours.

We include a page on our non-branded site that meets all requirements but if you prefer your own site we can use that instead.

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