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Here is how to resize images in WordPress, right from your WordPress pages.

Here are some videos from the vault. I created these and only posted them in a private area to train new employees on how to create websites. I had two people making these sites for me. In under a year they both made over 200 sites. With 100’s of page 1 rankings for different terms (a lot of sites ranked for more than one term) in different states in the US, using only the techniques I used in the videos. Most results were page 1, result 1 of the organic searches for the main keyword and there were tons of supplemental page 1 rankings. All of these sites were based on templates. There was no custom coding involved. The sites had literally hundreds of (leads) calls. And many calls for surprisingly big projects, including government and municipal contracts.

Warning: Some of the information may be outdated. These videos were made 3 or so years ago.

Another warning: They may be out of order and I might not have all of the videos. Either way I’ll upload what I can find. The training site no longer exists and we currently use different sites and different techniques in general due to constant search engine changes. Either way this could be a decent start for many local business websites that don’t have the budget to pay for a service like ours.

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