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Here are some testimonials we’ve received from some of our great clients.  Once we’ve worked on your site or your business, send us yours.

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We created a website for Manuel’s company a few weeks ago and did some off site optimization work.  Within a few days he received a phone call that literally changed his life and business.

He got a contract to paint and clean over 1100 houses.  Each of these houses are over 2000 square feet.  This is going to keep him busy for the next two years.  He just told me he wants another website for another part of his business.

Just to give you some background he started his company under 2 months ago.  He went from zero to more work than he can handle in a few weeks.  He is hiring new workers non-stop.


Steve’s company has grown incredibly over the last several  years.  The website is only a small part of the equation.  Through hard work and dedication he was able to grow his business significantly in a relatively short period of time.


Florian is consistently getting new clients due to the work we have done.  He does speak English by the way so give him a call if you need a tow or want to sell your junk car.


Rebecca ran a paramedical supply company for a few years.  Her business was completely internet based.  We set her up with an e-commerce solution so that she can sell her products directly to businesses.

She no longer runs the paramedical supply company as they have sold off the business.


If you aren’t a designer but want to build your website with WordPress, save yourself some time and frustration by hiring Custom Request. From the first time I contacted them, until the completion of my website the designer was attentive, professional and kept the project moving in a timely manner. Even when I wanted to make changes or additions he was patient and courteous. He is also knowledgeable about the ‘ins-and-outs’ of WordPress and had made me feel comfortable with his step-by-step instructions, even continuing to provide support after the project was complete. This level of service is a rare find and their rates can’t be beat! I highly recommend Custom Request for your website design needs.


It was a pleasure working with David at Custom Request. Not only was the work of a very high quality but he was also quick to respond to emails and got the work done in a short space of time. On top of all of this, the value for money is unbelievable. If you need a high quality, low cost website for your business or personal use, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Custom Request. I will certainly be working with them again in the future.


I’m a graphic designer who has worked with David on various website projects since 2009, from turning my artwork into fully-functioning sites to smaller jobs. He has a great deal of knowledge in website programming and always comes up with great solutions and options for every unique job.

Michael Miceli

Michael Miceli Design LLC

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